Ascara - Untamed Frontier

A large expanse of wilderness located on the far northern region of Lorrenia, bordered by the (Enter country name here) to the north and the Aragos to the south. Ascara is a land that has gone through many changes over the millennia, originally home to the great dwarven empire and many smaller human colonies, it has been considered lost for millennia. Its riches never plundered due to the Great Frost that covered the entirety of the northern realms for a thousand years. Now with the great frost over, the nations of the south have come to Ascara, some like the Dwarven Empire have come back to try and reclaim what is rightfully theirs and others, like the Verrican Republic, have come to gather riches and plunder the once great dwarven realms.

Though some of Ascara has become settled by the Dwarven Empire and the Native Karrige and Mullak, the Ascara region is still very much a dangerous wilderness. A variety of monsters call this wilderness home, from the deadly bark spider to the powerful bruka. Ascara is also home to several powerful orcish city-states along with a variety of goblinoids, giants and fey. Along with this is the ruins of the once powerful Dwarven Empire, whose vast underground cities and ruins remain mostly unclaimed and a hazard for the even the most stoic adventurer.

Though the ruins are enchanted with preservative magic, the ruins are ancient, and the locks and deadly traps designed to keep people out are beginning to fail which makes this a prime opportunity for treasure seekers and adventurers alike. Though within these ruins are many dangers, some of Dwarven design, many others are of their enemies.

Important Locations
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Ascara - Untamed Frontier

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