Garrowmanil - Desert of a thousand tears

Garrowmanil, known as the “Desert of a Thousand Tears” is a vast wasteland in the south of Lorrinia. Bordered by two great seas, a vast mountain range to the north, and jungle to the south, Garrowmanil is an enigma.

Originally a vast and fertile jungle, it became the wasteland it is today due too powerful and destructive magic. Once home to a great elven nation, it was rend asunder when that nations gates exploded, laying waste to hundreds of miles of jungle and savannah.
The elven people were unprepared, as while some of their people escaped the calamity, many were left stranded and in the clutches of the gnoll tribes who harried the region. dazed and confused, the defenders were no match for the hungry gnolls, and the elven nation fell, its name lost to history.

Garrowmanil is now a land of slavery and barbarism. The once proud elves and their human allies forced to interbreed in order to create half-elven children. These children now work for the Gnoll empire, both as labor and as cattle.

While the Gnoll leader, Remmock Truefang is a bloody warrior and cannabil, he understands well the duplicity and need for diplomacy should his empire prevail. He regularly invited envoys from various nations to attend his home, and see its wonders. Not all who attend, come back.

Though not all is lost for the half-elven and human slaves of Garrowmanil. Many slaves have escaped over the interceding millennium and become wanderers and rebels, seeking to free the slaves of the gnolls. It is rumored that some of the elves of Garrowmanil have survived deep within the desert wastes, though how or why is unknown.

Garrowmanil - Desert of a thousand tears

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