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World Name: Tharenika

Tharenika is the 4th planet in its solar system. The planet itself is roughly earth-sized, and has the same attributes. Gravity is that of earth, with 75% of the planets mass being covered by water, and additional 13-15% is made up of ice, with the other 10-15% being land masses.

Tharenika is a world only now going through its middle years. Tharenika has seen empires rise and fall, races come into being and become extinct, and has survived several cataclysmic events.

The primary campaign takes place on one of the five major continents, Lorrinia. Lorrinia is a massive continent located in the center portion of the planet. It contains over 30 different recognized countries, with several hundred different regions throughout.

Ascara – Untamed Frontier
Aragos – The Shattered Kingdom
Garrowmanil – Desert of a thousand tears
Kaimel’tauren – Forest of Dreams
Khazgryn – Empire of Chains
Verrican Republic – Cursed Nation


Tharenika is a planet full of life and contains millions of different species from all the different animal and plant kingdoms. Some of these species are sentient, and some of them are offshoots of more recognized species.

Dwarf, Karrige “The Lost Childeren”
Elf, Sylvan – “Stalkers of the woodland”


Arinaya – Star of Hope
Aro-Kyrron – The Unclean Nightmare
Arthum – Stoic Arbiter
Asmodeus – Prince of Darkness
Galt – Great Rampage
Gwyddien – The Walker in Dreams
Harrod – Hero of Time
Jarreth Sil – The Hidden Master
Lawtan – Heart of the Storm
Leoric Adalardo – Destined Defender
Marlaise – Creator of the Forge
Morrikal – The Watchful Undertaker
Morrigan – Lady of the Earth
Nabu – Keeper of Fate
Nazar – The Savage Beast
Norianna – Lover of Dreams
Sirsier – Lord of the Depths
Veles – Lord of the Hunt
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