Kaimel'tauren - Forest of Dreams

Kaimel’tauren translated means “Forest of Dreams” or “Dreams of the Forest”. Originally one of two nations home to a staggering population of elves, the forest has returned to its primordial form.

Ruins of the elves can be found throughout the great forest, the remnants of the high elves falling into decay after a millennia of neglect. Ancient creatures roam these primordial woods, some though lost to time, others unheard of until recent expeditions into the forest.

One thing explorers did find, the elves never died, but instead were forced to return to their own primeval past in order to survive the destruction of their world gates and cities. The elves became like their ancestors, devoted to nature and the natural world, wise but feral.

The forest land is home to a variety of creatures and races, though it is made up of more than just forest. Strange bogs and mires, open grassland, towering forest covered mountains, all make up the Forest of Dreams.

Kaimel'tauren - Forest of Dreams

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