Verrican Republic - Cursed Nation

Once the former empire of the Emerald Emperor, the Verrican republic has fought for centuries to rebuild itself from the crushing defeat the united Lorrenia dealt its once powerful ruler.

While there have been many regents who have held the title “Emerald Emperor” none are the true emerald emperor. It is believed he was imprisoned after his defeat by Leoric at the battle of Crashing seas. Since that day the Verrican republic has been seeking to rebuild.

The Verrican republic was originally a federation of smaller city-states, who had joined in union to better the lives of their people. The Verrican republic was an expansionist empire, which moved northward for quite some time, setting about diplomatic relations with other countries. While it did have a powerful military, very rarely did it use its military might for conquest. That was until the arrival of the emerald emperor. While the name and descriptions of the Emerald Emperor have been lost to time, what is known is the Emperor was a powerful Sorcerer, who subverted the rule of the Verrican Council and began a conquest of all of Lorrinia.

Through Dark necromantic arts and deals with Daemons the Emerald Emperor was able to conquer much of Lorrinia. He was not stopped until the Battle of Crashing Sea’s and the God Hero Leoric destroyed his Physical form. At that time the armies of the Verrican were demoralized and beaten back to their homeland.

The emperor’s corrupting influence never left Verrican. Its capital city cursed with a necromantic plague when Emerald Emperor died, the necromantic plague swept through Verrican. Its people delved deep within the necromantic arts trying to find some way to stave of the deadly plague. Called the Green Sorrow, this terrible affliction has ravaged Verrican for centuries after the emperor’s defeat, some whisper it is his final vengeance upon the people who failed him. Others believe it is the unleashing of all the power that was infused within him, either way, it has twisted Verrican and its people. Undead abominations walk the land, and the people have become expert necromancers in response to the plague.

Though the plague has gone unnoticed for some time, occasional pockets do appear, though these pockets of green sorrow are quickly found and dispersed by local Necro Knights (Name Pending).

Verrican does do a healthy amount of trade with other countries, though many are still fearful of the countries power over the dead. It is recognized has having some of the greatest necromancers in all of Lorrinia, and its Knights are asked for aid frequently to deal with any undead that may wander from Verrican or any suspected outbreaks of green sorrow.

The countryside is a unique feature of Verrican, infused with necromantic energy as it is, the landscape appears surprisingly lush. This many times causes people to have a false sense of security when traveling Verrican’s countryside, as the same energy that infuses the land also allows a whole myriad number of undead to walk the land and mutates many of the normal creatures that once populated the land.

Verrican Republic - Cursed Nation

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