Aragos - The Shattered Kingdom

Originally a mighty human empire, the country of Aragos is a shell of its former self, its once great armies divided amongst multiple city states and powerful merchant guilds. It royal line now only a figure head for the more prominent nobility and lords.

There are 3 recognized city states in Aragos:

  • Sithic: Home of the Sidiros Trade Company, Sithic is a city plagued by a strange variety of rats and other vermin, and is said to be run by the merchant guild.

Sithic, golden jewel of Aragos and major trade city, is a city at its pinnacle and at its greatest decline. Home to Towering spires, a powerful merchant fleet, and one of the most powerful merchant companies in Lorrenia: The Sidiros Trade Company.

While on the surface Sithic is a shining beacon of civilization, underneath the cities reaching spires and gleaming cobblestones lies a dark and terrible underbelly. While the current incarnation of Sithic is relativley new (being only several centuries old) the city itself has gone through numerous incarnations over the millenia, and each new incarnation simply builds upon the ruins of the last. It is said that beneath the city proper, a labyrinthian maze of tunnels and ancient structures run beneath Sithic. Within these ruins a number of Thieves guilds, cults, and other dark powers lay.

The city also has another problem: it is overrun with vermin of all kinds. Rats, Insects, and strange abominations run rampant within the cities massive tunnels and underground; while steps have been taken to remove them, nothing seems to last for long. The city is purported to possess a sizable wererat population, though if these rumors are true or not has yet to be reported.

  • Athenika: City of Knowledge and learning, well known for its academies and colleges, Athenika is well known as a city who’s patronage of the arts is almost legendary.

Center of learning and the Arts, Athenika is home to numerous collages of learning, and is reputed to hold some of the finest minds in Aragos.

The city is governed by a council of learned sages, wizards, holy men, and teachers who see to the daily runnings of the city. Athenika is noted for its great air-borne gardens, Impressive architecture, and fine food; though it does lack the powerful merchant fleets of Sithic, or the Deadly soldiers of Pericus, it still has its own secrets to tell.

Much like Sithic, the city of Athenika is older then its current incarnation and possesses many underground caverns and city ways. It is rumored that beneath Athenika lies vast temples and lost and forgotten cities.

  • Pericus: the most militarily powerful of the city states, its training grounds are well renowned.

Pericus is the youngest of the three city states, and was not part of the original monarchy. Pericus is a new city, recently built after the death of the last king of Aragos.

Pericus was considered necessary after the war between the different houses and factions of the two city states began warring with each other and were almost unable to combat the orcish hordes that came pouring through Ascara into the lowlands of Aragos.

Its walls are built to withstand long months and years of sieges, and miles of reinforced tunnels run deep within the city. Its soldiers are the best trained warriors in Aragos, and a renowned throughout Lorrenia, and its tacticians are in high demand throughout the continent.

Pericus is not without its secrets, however, as many strange and terrible things happen with the shadows of its towering spires. It is rumored that a cult of Jorren Sil lies somewhere within the cities underground catacombs.

There are a number of lesser fiefdoms and towns withing aragos, ultimately they answer to one of the three cities.

The true power in Aragos, however, lies within the guilds, and primarily with the merchants guild, which has expanded its influence independently throughout Lorrenia. The Sidiros Trade Company is known throughout the northern and middle regions for its powerful buying power and ruthless tactics. It is believed to be the true power in Aragos, though it has only been around for the past 35-40 years.

Aragos - The Shattered Kingdom

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